Executive Summary: Rural Lands Inc.


INITIAL FISCAL ANALYSIS (IFA) of the proposed incorporation of San Mateo County ``RURAL LANDS"  area.

The Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation is a non-profit 501©3 Coordinated Resource Management and Planning Council (CRMP) dba as the California Watershed Posse (CWP).  The CWP CRMP services combines expertise in land economics consulting with experience in the full spectrum of services related to real estate development, the financing of government services and public infrastructure, land use and conservation planning, and government organization.   The CWP has drafted an Initial Fiscal Analysis (IFA) of the proposed incorporation of the Rural Lands area of San Mateo County.   The IFA provides an initial evaluation of city hood feasibility and potential impacts on the County.   The IFA is intended to serve as a ``fatal flaw" analysis of incorporation feasibility, and to identify issues requiring further research as part of a formal Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis (CFA) required by law.

The proposal incorporates approximately a 100,000 acres unincorporated area of the San Mateo County Rural Coastal Zone, referred to as Rural Lands. Approximately 94,810 acres (95%) of the total Rural Lands Inc. area is government and land trust owned. The unincorporated Rural Lands area in the San Mateo County coastal zone are: Shamrock Ranch/Rancho Corral de Tierra in the north, Higgins/Purisima/Tunitas east of urban mid-coast area, South Skyline Area, San Gregorio, La Honda, Pomponio, Pescadero,, Butano, Bean Hollow, Gazos, and Ano Nuevo on the south coast . Approximately 6,453 people reside within the IFA study area.

San Mateo County Service Areas & Demographics

Question:     How many acres contained in County Service Areas  7 and 11 ? 
Answer:        Total of 78 acres combined in County Service Areas 7 and 11.

Question:     How many houses in the Rural Lands & how many acres?
Answer:        SMC Housing Log

Question:     How much Open Space Greenbelt in the Bay Area?
Answer:        Over 1 Million Acres!

San Mateo County Rural Lands

Total Rural Lands Area                view map          99,621 Acres      (100%)

Total Privately Held Taxpaying                              4,811 Acres        (4.82%)

Total Government & Land Trust  view source      94,810 Acres     (95.18%)

Seton's Rural Lands Service Area (source HCIA Sachs,Claritas)

County            Zip Code                Zone                        Pop 2001               Pop 2006

San Mateo           94020              La Honda                      1,897                     1,899
San Mateo           94021              Loma Mar                     173                        175
San Mateo           94038              Pescadero                    2,186                     2,208
San Mateo           94074             San Gregorio                326                        334
San Mateo           94019             Mid=Coast Rural          1,868                     1,871

                                                                                              6,450                     6,487

By Age Group                                      Pop 2001                           Pop 2006

0-14                                                             21%                                      20%
15-24                                                          10%                                      12%
25-44                                                           32%                                     27%
45-64                                                           26%                                     29%
65-79                                                            8%                                        9%
80 plus                                                          3%                                       3%

By Race/Ethnicity                               Pop 2001                         Pop 2006

White                                                           74%                                     70%
Black                                                           1%                                         1%
Asian                                                           5%                                         7%
Hispanic                                                     19%                                      22%

The Summary Conclusions Of The IFA Are The Following:

Los Pueblecitos can be financially feasible as a city based on the Municipal Budget Model which shows a budget surplus starting in the first year of operation. This conclusion does not however consider potential fiscal mitigation payments to the County.

Revenues transferred to Los Pueblecitos from the County will not exceed expenditures transferred. A revenue neutrality mitigation payment to the County is required under State law; specific terms and amounts are to be negotiated between the proponents and the County.

Revenue sources for the proposed Los Pueblecitos incorporated area will include: property tax (a proportion of the share that currently goes to the County), one percent of taxable sales generated within the area, property transfer tax, franchise fees, transient occupancy tax (nine percent of hotel revenues), compensatory Los Pueblecitos CRMP and mitigation fees, user fees, fines and penalties, State Motor Vehicle License Fees, as well as fee for service revenues. The IFA assumes no new taxes will be required nor imposed.

Municipal service levels will at least equal existing levels. In some instances, however, service levels may improve qualitatively despite little or no difference in expenditure; for example, with planning administration located online, residents will have more convenient access to these services 24/7 as well as a greater degree of local control. In other instances, actual expenditures are assumed to be higher.

Los Pueblecitos  will be incorporated as a General Law town with a "Council/Manager" form of government, a five-person Council elected "by district" and a Council-appointed private sector non-profit community Los Pueblecitos based  CRMP Council responsible for day-to-day operations.

Access to all municipal Los Pueblecitos government services will be online 24/7. Wireless Broadband service will be available to all the incorporated Rural Lands prior to the end of 2006 .

Los Pueblecitos will contract with the County Sheriff's Department for both law enforcement, traffic control and Fire Safe Crews.

The Los Pueblecitos based CRMP Council will provide engineering services, manage capital improvement and maintenance efforts, manage municipal road and street lighting maintenance, oversee road maintenance and coordinated resource management and science based planning for all Los Pueblecitos watershed natural eco-systems.

The Los Pueblecitos based CRMP Council will be responsible for General Plan and Local Coastal Plan preparation, code enforcement, building inspection, building permits, and development services. All building permitting processes will be streamlined and accessible online 24/7. Most CDP building applications will be processed and approved within 30 days at a cost approximately 1/10 currently being charged by the County.

Animal Control services will be provided under contract with the County.

Fire protection services will be provided by CDF, La Honda Fire Brigade Inc. and the Half Moon Bay Fire Protection District under contract. All pre-fire vegetative fuel management services (PRC 4290 & PRC 4291) will be outsourced to private sector contactors on an open bid basis.

Proposed Rural Lands Area Plan ``Summary"

The Rural Lands Area Plan (RLAP) is intending to utilize the goals and policies of the San Mateo County (SMC) General Plan and Local Coastal Plan while providing more detailed guidance for future growth and development within Los Pueblecitos area of the County. The RLAP is adopting an ecosystem management implementation technique and strategy for conservation plan and utilizing creative solutions for conservation planning recommended by Economic & Planning Systems of Berkeley, California.

The following specific topics are addressed in the Los Pueblecitos Area Plan in ``Summary" only;   The complete draft of the entire Rural Lands General Plan will be published for public comment on the site.

    1. Land Use
    2. Circulation and Transportation
    3. Open Space
    4. Public Utilities, Facilities and Services
    5. Public Safety
    6. Community Design
    7. Parks and Recreation
    8. Economic Development

Why The Los Pueblecitos Incorporation Movement?

Since 1980, the entire San Mateo County Rural Lands communities area have suffered terribly by the unstable, incompetent and corrupt actions of SMC elected officials and planning staff.  The official SMC Housing Logs 1980-2003 reveal that a total of only ``69" residential occupancy permits have been issued by the County of San Mateo.   Why?   Because of the Sierra Club and the Committee for Green Foothills undue influenced lobbying on local and state government has STOPPED all community development in the Rural Lands of San Mateo County. The SMC Local Coastal Plan's (LCP) policies of  0% Rural Lands Development are destroying the Rural Lands sustainability… by design. In short, the Urban majority of San Mateo County has imposed their ``apartheid" land use separation policies upon the residents of the Rural Lands communities. Why? For the purpose of annexation and transferring the entire San Mateo County Coastal Zone Rural Lands area to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. (GGNRA) The Rural Lands residents of San Mateo County demand Environmental Justice for their families and will assume ``local control" of the coordinated resource management and planning of their Rural Lands communities starting in calendar year 2004.   The San Mateo County Rural Lands farming communitites have lost over 42,000 acres of productive ranch and farm agricultural lands and irrigation water rights  to the Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District (30,000 acres)  and their private sector partner Peninsula Open Space Trust (12,000 acres) since 1973.   The incorporation of the Township of Los Pueblecitos will return those 42,000 acres acquired by the open space districts to the Township of Los Pueblecitos for productive agricultural purposes and conpetent local watershed stewardship.

Lots created in the Rural Lands during this period (1980-2002) were non existent.  There was a substantial decrease (over 300) in buildable lots because of the thousands of acres purchased by open space trusts.   Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) acquired thousands of acres of prime agricultural lands while eliminating all the housing density credits from the rural communities and all property tax revenues.   Almost all Rural Lands established parcels are served by on-site private wells and on-site septic systems. The majority of the road access being provided by state highways and private roads.

The total number of undeveloped parcels within the Rural Lands Plan area is approximately 1,200 lots.   An undeveloped lot is one that has not made any improvements, including the addition of a well, etc. This includes lots in all land use designations from Agricultural and Open space areas, Residential areas, Institutional areas, and Commercial/industrial areas. Several modifications to residential land use designations have been proposed to more appropriately reflect actual build-out conditions in all areas of the Rural Lands subdivisions. The proposed area plan establishes an ``urban reserve" limit to clearly define the areas to be served by urban services, including community sewer and water systems. Within this urban reserve area are proposed two new land use designations.

Two (2) New Designations For The Rural Lands Are Being Proposed

The two new land use designations have been included to create an environment where residential, commercial and other similar and compatible uses may coexist with one another in an effort to facilitate economic development, create diverse housing and commercial opportunities, and improve the quality of life within the community by establishing a vibrant downtown area.

New `Area Plan' Outlines Rural Lands Facilities & Services

In this portion of the proposed Rural Lands area plan, we'll review the balance of the topics to provide more detailed guidance for future growth and development within the Rural Lands plan area.

Public Facilities, Utilities and Services Proposals

In order to achieve objectives regarding public facilities including adequate infrastructure for both existing development and anticipated growth, the Rural Lands Area Plan:

Public Safety & Services

In order to provide adequate safety services and facilities for area residents, proposals are included for a study to assure not more than 10 minute response time in Rural Lands urban reserve areas and 15 minutes maximum response time to rural residential areas outside the urban reserve. These proposals consider evacuation planning, development of heliports for medical and fire suppression response and consideration of formation of a medical district to ensure 24-hour emergency service.

Circulation & Transportation

In order to provide adequate and safe circulation for both existing development and anticipated growth, proposals include road extensions to improve circulation and safety concerns within the Planning Area and surrounding area:

Economic Development

"Show Me The Money!"
says PMAC's Geoff Allen.

I ran into Geoff Allen the other day.   I told Geoff I was very optimistic about the findings evolving from the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis (CFA) for the Rural Lands incorporation.  ``Oscar, You'll have to show me there is enough money to maintain the same level provided in County Services Areas 7 & 11 ( Pescardero & La Honda) after an incorporation!".  Well Geoff, that's not only a fair and reasonable request… it's also required pursuant to the Cortese Knowx Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000 administered by the San Mateo County Local Area Formation Commission aka LAFCo.

The Legislature has repeatedly DENIED LAFCo's  direct role in regulating land use and property development. LAFCo's are charged with the broad policy mandate to preserve open space, discourage sprawl, and ensure ``orderly growth development".  To do this, however, they have only the statutorily provided authority to review and approve incorporations and annexations, spheres of influence, and extensions of service beyond existing boundaries.  The incorporation of the Rural Lands is for the sole purpose of empowering the resident rural minority self determination while assuming local, state, and federal regulatory mandated coordinated resource management and planning (CRMP) responsibilities within the boundaries of that area of San Mateo County known as the Rural Lands or wildlands.

The Rural Lands proposed fiscal municipal model assumes continuation of the same revenue streams currently being received by the County to pay for their Local Coastal Program mandated substandard levels of protective service imposed upon providers CDF, HMBFD and SMC Sheriff Department.   The Rural Lands proposed revenue model imposes a new municipal Rural Lands CRMP services user fee scheme for all ``non tax paying property owners".   The list below identifies the property owner and the dollar amount anticipated receiving from CRMP, user and mitigation fees.

Rural Lands Inc. Annual Municipal Revenue Streams

Total Rural Lands Area:                                                         99,621 Acres  (100%)

Total Privately Held Taxpaying:                                             4,811 Acres    (4.82%)

Total Government & Land Trust :                                          94,810 Acres  (95.18%)

          Total CRMP, User & Fire Safe mitigation fees   $9,962,100.00

          NOTE: Property, sales taxes and other revenues not yet available.

Question:     How much Open Space Greenbelt in the Bay Area?
Answer:        Over 1 Million Acres!





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